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Updated Nigeria Air Salary Structure (official Increase)

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Nigeria Air (Nigeria Airways) Aptitude Questions & Answers

Updated Nigeria Air Salary Structure (official Increase)

Updated Nigeria Air Salary Structure (official Increase): Nigeria Air, when fully operational will be Africa’s largest and biggest airline, the airline has set all the needed arrangements and has commenced operation, men and women of this prestigious airline are paid in line with the nation’s new minimum wage standard

Some staff (international pilots) get even bigger pay than some of the staff of Nigeria Air, this post basically looks at the updated Nigeria Air Salary Structure & Rank

For us to determine the salary structure of the Nigeria Air airline, it is emphatic to look at the Rank and Unit of men and women of this noble airline


First Officer (FO)

Senior First Officer (SFO)


Aircraft Mechanic

Flight Attendant

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Installation & Maintenance

Lead Mechanic

Service Engineer



Duty Manager




Account Manager

Sales Manager

Ticket Sales Representative

Software Development

Product Owner

Senior Software Engineer

Loading and Stocking

Forklift Operator

Lead package Recovery Agent




Team supervisor

First Officer (FO)

Senior First Officer (SFO)


The salary structure of Pilots is based on;

Flying hours

The airline

Years of experience

Qualification attained

Type ratings

The rank of the pilot

Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

It is worthy to mention that, pilots with Commercial Pilot License (CPL) from the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) will be paid higher than other pilots, similarly, pilots with International Certificate get higher pay

A Nigerian pilot with a type rating (a first officer) may earn between N300,000 –N800,000 and this basically depends on the airline that employed the pilot, the aircraft the pilot is rated on, and his flying hours.


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