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Updated Car Insurance Rates in United States of America 2022

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Car Insurance Rate has skyrocketed in the last few years, many insurance companies charge

Updated Car Insurance Rates in United States of America 2022

Car Insurance Rate has skyrocketed in the last few years, many insurance companies charge high rates due to factors within some states and locations. While some states have low car insurance rates, others have high rates and the reason can be best explained by recent happenings

Since everyone wants to insure their car against unforeseen circumstances, insurance companies are becoming more rigid in their rates, cars owners are taking premium rates to cover significant losses like fire, accidents, and theft,  where such cars may need total replacement unlike the traditional approach

This article will explain the factors responsible for high insurance rates in some states, and recent data on Car Insurance Rates in all states of the US

States with High Insurance Rates

States                           Amount Paid

 Louisiana                    $2,839

 Michigan                    $2,112

 Florida                       $2,082

California                  $1,966

 Missouri                   $1,895

  DC                              $1, 881

 Rhode Island               $1,801

Wyoming                   $1,768

Texas                         $1,710

Georgia                    $1,705

These are states with the most expensive Car Insurance Rates; Louisiana pays $2,839 annually, Michigan pays $2,112, Florida pays $2,082, California and Missouri  pay $1,966 and $1,895 respectively yearly

Each driver in DC, Rhode Island, Wyoming, Texas, Georgia, $1, 881, $1,801, $1,768, $1,710,  $1,705 respectively

These rates affect all drivers and car owners in many ways, and it is determined by many factors, such the weather conditions state insurance laws, the types of the car an owner has, gender, and age to mention but a few

States with Low Car Insurance Rate

States                 Amount Per Year

Ohio                             $992

Idaho                           $985

Wisconsin                     $938

New Hampshire          $885

Maine                            $858

Vermont                        $1,151

Virginia                          $1,033

Iowa                             $1,032

Pennsylvania                 $1,028

According to the data above, some states have low and flexible insurance rates, these are also attributed to some factors mentioned above

Maine drivers and car owners will be happy, this is because its Car Insurance rates are less than $1000 annually, same applies to Idaho $985 Wisconsin, $938New Hampshire $885, and Maine at $858. they all have rates below $1000 yearly

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Insurance companies flex their muscles by fixing rates based on many factors, these factors are:

Driving record:

Car Insurance Companies do intensive investigations on Driver’s records, which include checking the number of Tickets and Accidents that might have happened to a car before fixing a rate

For example, if your car has more accidents and you have got more tickets within a short time, you will pay high, this is the record being checked by Insurance companies from car owners before fixing rates, this may not be so for other states

To avoid high rates, it is advised you do more minor accidents and stay ticket-free out on the road

Gender and age:

Insurance companies believe that Teens have high accident rates, and often take more tickets than their Adult counterparts, hence fixing higher insurance rates on Cars. These claims may be true, this is because most teens are considered too young to drive and may be contributing to the high accidents rate and ticketing


States where insecurity is prevalent pay high insurance rates compared with states that are secured. States with High crime rates pay more.

There are some instances where the weather condition also determines the rates charged by insurance companies, if you have a garage, where you park your car, you may be charged less

In addition, Urban areas pay a higher rate than rural areas, insurance companies claim that car accidents, theft, or damage to cars happen more in urban centers than in villages

Credit score:

If your credit rating is low, there is the likelihood of paying high rates, but some states discourage Insurance companies from investigating or checking the credit rating of car owners 

The vehicle you drive:

The car or vehicle you drive also determines the insurant rates paid, luxury vehicles and cars with state-of-art gadgets pay high rates than others

 “Sports cars and high-end luxury vehicles are almost always much more expensive to insure because of repair costs. The finishes in these vehicles are usually high-end and much pricier than the materials used in more moderately priced vehicles,” The Executive Director of Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association, Carole Walker disclosed

 Weather factors:

This can impact the rate you pay in some states, the reason is, that some states have extreme bad weather, which leads to constant flooding and hail, you will be paying the rate through your nose living in Oklahoma Texas, Florida, etc.

Insurance laws:

Insurance laws differ from states-to-states, some states weigh many risks and requirements before fixing rates, and states like Louisiana, Michigan, Florida, California, Missouri,  DC, Rhode Island, Wyoming                   Texas, and Georgia have high rates due to the “unique no-fault system” that has been used to decades

Uninsured drivers

Uninsured Drivers may be adding up to the cost of high rates than states with more insured drivers The auto insurance premium is strongly influenced by your location or where you reside. Insurance companies examine information on places where people are most likely to file claims to establish rates.

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