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Top 10 School of Nursing in Nigeria and their Fees

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Top 10 School of Nursing in Nigeria and their Fees

Nursing is gradually becoming one of the most sought-after professions in Nigeria. This field can provide many profound opportunities for professionals both at home and abroad.
Practitioners have the assurance that no matter how bad the job situation is, there will always be the need for nurses.
Several students are now jumping into this course. In fact, according to information released by JAMB, nursing is now one of the most selected courses in Nigeria.
Nursing as a branch of health care does not just focus on direct medical techniques only. It also deals with the care of persons, families, and communities who are unhealthy or who need assistance to maintain a healthy quality of life.

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Duration of Studies for Nursing in Nigeria

Every accredited school of nursing in Nigeria has a duration of study that each candidate must spend to learn and complete the course before they can graduate.
Apart from that, there is also a number of nursing schools in Nigeria that offer various training programmes.
So knowing which ones are best suited for your and their duration of study will be very helpful in your quest to become a registered nurse in Nigeria.

Below is a list of the approved duration of study in the School of Nursing in Nigeria based on certificates to be presented:

A basic general nursing program lasts for three (3) years.
A basic midwifery training program lasts three (3) years
A generic nursing program lasts five (5) years.

The three-year programs can be obtained from the College of Health Sciences and the College of Health Technology.
A bachelor’s degree in nursing is a five-year program that is given by a university.

Admission Requirements for School of Nursing in Nigeria

Admission requirements for nursing differ from school to school. However, applicants must be at least 17 years of age to be eligible for this program.
Applicants must have five credits in English, Mathematics, Biology or Health Sciences, Chemistry, and Physics at their SSCE in not more than two sittings.
Some schools offer these courses as part of their available school courses while others have specialized institutions for the program.

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Top 10 School of Nursing in Nigeria and their Fees

Below is the list of top School of Nursing in Nigeria and their school fees. This article also tells you the locations of each of these institutions.

School of Nursing, University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH)
UBTH School of Nursing is one of the most reputable nursing schools in Nigeria.
It is renowned for the quality training and outstanding facilities it provides to students.
The university is one of the most affordable nursing schools in Nigeria with a tuition fee of N85,000 per session.

University College Hospital, School of Nursing Ibadan

UCH Ibadan is without a doubt one of the top three university hospitals in Nigeria. This university produces highly qualified nurses every year.
This nursing school provides world-class education, research, and services and operates with the full support of the university administration.
The tuition fee is currently around N250,000 per year.

School of Nursing, Lagos University Hospital (LUTH)

This is another popular nursing school in the country. Due to its strategic location in the heart of West Africa’s most popular city, it has become one of the most sought-after nursing schools in Nigeria.
The school offers high-tech education for students and provides valuable experiences for them. Training is reviewed annually and currently, their tuition fee is less than N250,000

School of Nursing, University Hospital Obafemi Awolowo

The school of nursing at one of the premier hospitals in Nigeria can definitely offer something great to its students
The Faculty of Nursing enjoys full support from the administration of the Obafemi Awolowo Training Hospital.
They expose their students to high-level experimentation and their graduates can compete anywhere in the world.
Their teaching approach is frequently reviewed and their tuition is less than N230,000 per session.

FCT School of Nursing, Gwagwalada, Abuja

FCT School of nursing is regarded as one of the best nursing schools in Nigeria. Their standard facilities create a great learning environment for students.
The institution offers an outstanding curriculum that helps the school produce professional and qualified nurses. The tuition fee is approximately N200,000.

School of Nursing, University College Hospital, Ibadan

This university, like the others on this list, provides a 5-year bachelor’s degree in nursing to its students.
This institution is one of the universities with the best nursing facilities in the country. The curriculum has changed many times. The tuition fee of this institution is currently around N200,000.

School of Nursing, Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital

This nursing school is very popular and is one of the most recognized institutions in the country. It provides quality education in nursing lasting 3 years for candidates aged at least 17.5 and a maximum of 26 years.
The tuition fee, like most of the nursing schools on this list, is around N200,000.

ECWA School of Nursing, Egbe

This nursing school undoubtedly makes the list of the top 10 school of nursing in Nigeria.
Located in Kogi State, this institution boasts of having the best facilities that enhance the training of their students.
The tuition fee is currently around N250, 000.

Mater School of Nursing

Mater School of Nursing is owned by the Mater Misericordiae Hospital, run by the Catholic Diocese of Abakaliki.
The school’s goal is to produce highly qualified nurses who can compete and work anywhere in the world. This has placed this medical institution among the best schools in the country. Currently, students pay around N250,000 as tuition fees.

School of Nursing, Joint Hospital, Mbano

Established by Imo’s first General Manager, the Late Sam. Fr. Mbakwe, and the first Bishop of Okigwe Diocese, Dr. Anthony E. Ilona. This school of nursing is one of the best nursing schools in the country.
Their training facilities are very important and they provide highly qualified professional nurses as their instructors. Students pay around N200,000 as tuition.

Sokoto State College of Nursing and Midwifery

This school of nursing might not be as popular as the rest on this list, but that doesn’t take away that it is one of the best in its field.
It provides quality education to students and produces highly qualified nurses. The current tuition fee is around N180,000.


Nursing is a very profitable field to major in and the institutions above will provide the best learning environment for you.

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