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Top 10 Most Lucrative Business Ideas In Nigeria

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businesses to start with 500k in Nigeria

Top 10 Most Lucrative Business Ideas In Nigeria

In Nigeria today, entrepreneurship has become unavoidable because of the low level of economic growth, and those who aspire to live and not merely exist need one or more business concepts.
There are so many investment options in Nigeria with big returns as well as company ideas you can start immediately.

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Top 10 Most Lucrative Business Ideas In Nigeria

Here is our list of business ideas you can look out to get an idea of the kind of business you should enter.

Poultry farming

Poultry farming is one of the business ideas that can grow in any area in Nigeria. It includes the raising of domesticated birds like chickens, turkeys, ducks, and geese, for their final product. You may either sell them off as meat or their eggs for nourishment.
Poultry is one of the most successful companies in Nigeria and depending on how effectively you operate the company and perform, you may even attract investors.
This specific business concept might be cash-heavy occasionally and may need you to check out certain platforms like Branch loan, Palmcredit, Carbon loan, Renmoney, Quickteller loan, Opay loan, Aella Credit, and C24 loan where you can receive a fast online loan in Nigeria.

Transportation business

Everyone goes to work or their business site or transfer things about. Being an essential property of living things, everyone moves.
With a fleet of cars or just one, you may satisfy this essential need by moving people or stuff around, and be paid for it. Transportation is a really nice industry that offers capacity for everyone.

Beauty Service

This company is one of the trendiest enterprises in Nigeria. Nigerians love to party and the reality is we always want to appear well at any party.
On that point, individuals pay a lot to appear beautiful at social events such as wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, and naming ceremonies.
To establish this company demands less capital. You may start with some face care items such as concealer for dark skin, Mascara, Powder palette, Foundation, eye pencil (black, brown, white) Pro concealer, Highlight brush, hyperpigmentation soap, etc. And as time goes on, you can buy the whole makeup kit.

Event planning

Nigeria is a nation where every weekend has an event associated to it. One may record nothing less than 20 festivities occurring at various sections of the nation in just a single day.
Fortunately, these gatherings would always demand a coordinator to guarantee things run appropriately in return for cool cash.
You should not restrict your arranging and planning talents to the four walls of your bedroom. Opt for event planning and easily raise your level of life.

Rental services

People typically would not purchase one/two-time-use equipment when they know they can borrow.
You may acquire these sorts of equipment and put them up for rent such as seats, music boxes, canopies,. All you need is the appropriate maintenance of the equipment and marketing for recognition.

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Fashion designer and tailoring

If you know your skill well, stitching a single fabric may profit you tens of thousands. Of course with the proper clientele.
You might start by acquiring the contract for sewing uniforms for a school, to sewing for other occasions. If you are excellent as a fashion designer and have a decent business plan, your work would speak for you in recruiting customers.

Importation of used clothing

Designer clothing at shops are what everyone craves, but regrettably can’t afford, particularly in Nigeria.
The bulk of the population are impoverished and would prefer patronize the legendary “Okrika” or moderately worn garments. This business potential is incredibly vast and may fit in as many rivals as feasible.
By importing moderately used garments, you might become a key provider of Okrika marketplaces.
This market includes clients in the low, moderate, and even some high-class categories. Once again, start small and grow.
You can also check out this entire tutorial on how to establish tiny importing company in Nigeria

Setting up a restaurant

People need food, all of us do, and you may be the supplier by starting up a restaurant. Running a restaurant takes time and needs cooking and lodging facilities but is one of the most profitable business ideas in Nigeria.
Get this in order and have a better life, and in short time you would rake in earnings every day.


Memories are one of the most prized possessions of every human. One way to keep them alive is via photography.
On that basis, professional photographers are in tremendous demand. If you are seeking to start this company all you need to do is purchase a really nice camera, take some training in photography, and Voila! You are ready.

Interior decoration

This is the skill of decorating or creating a home property or a commercial enterprise according to your client’s desire.
If you have an exceptional eye for art and color, this company can be the finest for you. Taking interior design jobs would offer a large return for you.

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