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Top 10 African Students Scholarship in the USA- Fully Funded

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Top 10 African Students Scholarship in the USA- Fully Funded

Do you want to get yourself a scholarship to study in the USA? If yes. Check out the list and make your choice. The United States has given a scholarship opportunity to African students to see the importance of education.  

These scholarships are the best ways to help the African community due to a lack of finances to pay for tuition fees, books, internet connection, as well as other educational materials. It is organized to accommodate undergraduate and postgraduate students from different African countries most especially the underdeveloped settlement.

The United State of America calls on Africans to see these as an opportunity to leverage upon and better secure a future. However, a degree certificate from a recognized educational institute in the US will land a job in any government organization as well as private own companies. It allows students to choose courses or programs they wish to study depending on their area of interest.

Benefits of the African student’s scholarship in the USA

Beneficiaries will have their tuition fee, Health treatment, and accommodation take covered throughout their studies, and stipends are also given to enable them to afford some of their essential needs.

The basic requirement of the scholarship

No criminal or any form of fraudulent record

It requires good moral behavior and respect while on campus

Strictly adhere to the rules and regulations of the institute.

It calls for full participation in school activities while on campus.

International students must have valid means of identification.

Some of these African students’ Scholarship in the USA include the following

Microsoft Research Graduate Women’s Scholarships, USA

This is one of the biggest and fully funded scholarships in the USA for African women to apply. The Microsoft Research Graduate Women’s Scholarship aims to increase the number of women with a postgraduate degree focusing on attaining a Ph.D.

It is one year program that is carefully organized to cover your project research and fieldwork. Level = Undergraduate and postgraduate in computer science, Mathematics, Electrical engineering, and other science courses or programs.

7UP Harvard Business School Scholarship for Nigerian Students

This is a Nigerian-based scholarship organized by 7UP one of the largest and fast-growing bottling companies in West Africa. This came, as a result, of the commemoration/Golden Jubilee, making its 50th anniversary to enable Nigerian students to see the value of education and also view it as a life-changing tool.

It is open for students to apply and stand a chance to gain study at the Harvard Business School.

Level of Study = MBA

Boustany Foundation MBA Harvard Scholarship programs

The Boustany Foundation in collaboration with other private organizations and will donors has organized a scholarship scheme, not for Africans but also for other international students to apply.

It aims to convert beneficiaries of these scholarships into benefactors by creating an enabling environment for them to obtain entrepreneurship skills and be productive in society.

Level of Study = MBA

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Campbell Fellowship for Women Scholar-Practitioners from Developing Nations

The motive and desire to encourage women to attain their full educational potential have been a major concern. The Campbell Fellowship for Women Scholar-Practitioners offer scholarships to women who wish to study in any institute of their choice most especially from developing countries.

It is one of the African student’s scholarships in the USA that is fully funded to uplift women to achieve their full educational capability focusing on female MSc programs and doctorate degrees.

Some of these post-doctorate degrees are available in the following courses: Economics, History, Law, Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, and a lot more.

Master Card Foundation Scholars Program

Master Card Foundation Scholars Program is aimed to groom and develop young Africans to become economically marginalized and capable able of contributing endlessly to transforming the entire continent. The scholarship is estimated to benefit over 15,000 people across Africa within 8-10 years intervals.

The focal point of this scholarship is to transform beneficiaries into benefactors to be equipped with the right leadership skills and values to move the African economy to another level.

MasterCard Foundation Scholar program and Partnership

Some universities are partnering with the MasterCard Foundation scholar program to facilitate and contribute to the education of African students. They include:

MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program at Wellesley College

Following the scholarship scheme, Wellesley College is supposed to provide African Women with full-time sponsorship, counseling, and educational/academic guidance towards securing successful learning opportunities.

This is one of the African student scholarships in the USA offering standard education in batches yearly basis. The selection is done by the board of scholarship directors and given to deserving students.

Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at Stanford University

Stanford University in partnership with the MasterCard foundation scholars program provides educational and suitable learning opportunities for African communities across the continent.

The scholarship covers the Sub-Saharan region of Africa indicating a deficiency in their educational systems. Success graduation from the university earns you a certificate from a recognized educational institute.

Harambe Fletcher Scholarships for African students in the USA

This one of African students’ scholarships in the USA covering full payment tuition fees for youthAfricanss who Intended to further education by securing a master’s program at Tufts University, Fletcher school.

The University is showered with good educational infrastructures and top-notch architectural buildings of modern technology to enable learning and academic activity. The institute has also won several awards from both local and international levels.

Aside from accepting African students, other international students are also granted to study in various programs at the university. Some of the eligible certifications to acquire include a master of arts in law and diplomacy, a Master of international business, and a professional degree in international affairs.

Level = Diploma, Undergraduate and postgraduate.

Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Programme

This scholarship is offered to students on a 50% basis through the competitive application process. It provides financial assistance to the less privileged to enable them to pay tuition fees and other educational expenses during their course of study.

It is given to both undergraduate and postgraduate students to further their education to enable achieve their objectives. The scholarship application accepts candidates from the following countries

Tanzania, Uganda, Madagascar, Kenya, Egypt, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Mozambique, Krygyzstan, and Syria.

Level = Undergraduate and postgraduate.


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