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Best Medical Scholarships In Canada For International Students

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Best Medical Scholarships in Canada for International Students

Best Medical Scholarships in Canada for International Students

Medicine is a fascinating area of study but is also very expensive. The tuition fee for studying medicine or its associated courses is very high.
Several universities in Canada are listed on reputed international databases, and the current educational agenda of the Canadian Minister of Education emphasizes raising the number of international students Canada accepts.
As a result of this, many Canadian universities and government organizations have started offering Medical Scholarships for international students.
This article covers all details related to the Best Medical Scholarships in Canada for international students.

Why Should you Study Medicine in Canada?

Here are some good reasons for aspirants to consider studying medicine in Canada:

To begin with, Canada is a really intriguing place to study because of its diverse cultural style and also for security grounds. The country has one of the lowest crime rates in the world.
Second, the institutions in the nation that provide medicine and associated courses have standard, modern research facilities and equipment that medical students need to learn better. Also, your credentials will be recognized anywhere in the globe.
The country is home to some world-class and highly-ranked universities in the world.
Due to the numerous medical scholarships available for international students, Canada attracts a significant international student population annually.

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Best Medical Scholarships in Canada for International Students

Here is a list of the top 5 best medical scholarships in Canada for international students that we have provided down below:

Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute (SICI) Scholarship

The Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute Scholarship is a part of an important medical scholarship program in Canada for international students.
The scholarship is valued at CAD 500-1,000. Expenses not given by the home institution of the applicant and connected to the subscription of online meeting services, telephone bills, internet service, registration fees or affiliation fees for entry to the library or laboratory facility.
Duration: The duration is up to 8-12 weeks.
This Medical Scholarship is available for students studying in Bachelor’s, Master’s, and M.Phil degree programs at accredited Indian universities.
These students are entitled to pursue research at a Canadian university in their fields, which falls under the SICI network.

Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan

The Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship reward cover housing allowance travel, and payment for compulsory tuition fee.
This involves Graduate Student Exchanges that provide Canada with $10,000.
5-6 months.
Eligibility criteria:
This scholarship recognizes high-intellect students from Commonwealth countries who apply for Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in advanced study and research programs in Canada.

Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program

The Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program is another prestigious scholarship among the Best Medical Scholarships in Canada for international students. The worth of the scholarship is $5000 per session.
The award is tenable for one year (two or three academic sessions). The length and importance are calculated by the graduation awarding unit and detailed in your letter of the bid.
Eligibility Criteria:
Available to graduate students in a broad spectrum of disciplines.
Students must consider an offer from a university in Ontario and receive a valid research permit before applying.

Quebec Provincial Government Scholarship

The Quebec Provincial Government Scholarship is offered for Doctoral programs and provides funds worth $25,000 annually with a potential increase of 12 months and a period of up to 3 years.
Postdoctoral scholarships: $35,000 and will not be extended for one year.
Short-term scholarships provided for research or professional development: $3,000 for four months each month.
The importance and period are determined by the stage of analysis,
Eligibility Criteria:
The merit of each application is evaluated before candidates are given this scholarship.

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Trillium Scholarship from Ontario

Each scholarship under the Trillium Scholarship is worth $40,000 annually, 75 scholarships are awarded each year.
Duration: Renewable for four years.
Eligibility Criteria: Ontario universities are responsible, based on curriculum criteria and merit, for choosing and granting scholarships to foreign Ph.D students.

How to Apply for Medical Scholarships in Canada?

Arrange and process all required documents, such as a student visa, letters of recommendation, a valid ID such as a passport, a statement of purpose, a CV or resume, English language proficiency test scores, and competitive exam scores (IELTS, SAT TOEFL, GMAT or GRE), degrees, diplomas, transcripts, or certificates from your previous school and any other required documentation.
Select a university of your choice and start researching and contacting people about the scholarship or applying for additional external scholarships after you have been admitted to the university.
Select a medical course of interest and then start the application process online.
Begin your application as soon as possible so that it can be evaluated quickly.

Note: The paperwork and application processes differs from university to university, therefore it is critical that you reach out to your selected institution directly for additional information or go through their scholarship website.
The amount of funds offered and the terms of the scholarship also differ between different institutions.
It is very competitive to get a scholarship, and so you have to apply way ahead of time. We advise you to start the process around 8-12 months before the preferred intake starts.

Medical Universities in Canada for International Students that offer Scholarships

There are several medical universities in Canada that offer scholarships to international students.
Some universities also offer fully-funded scholarships, here are some of the best universities offering medical scholarships in Canada.

  1. Quest University
  2. McGill University
  3. University of British Columbia
  4. University Of Toronto
  5. York University

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