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7 Affordable Universities In Scotland for International Students

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7 affordable universities in Scotland for international students

7 Affordable Universities in Scotland for International Students

Scotland is a region in the north of the United Kingdom renowned for its stunning mountains, lush valleys, and gorgeous beaches.
This nation, like Great Britain, is well known for its stunning landscape, but it has also established itself as a top educational destination.

Over 50,000 international students have so far enrolled in Scottish universities, coming from more than 180 nations.
Given the region’s highly regarded, surprisingly affordable universities, more are anticipated to follow suit.
The least expensive Scottish universities for overseas students are provided below as a service to you.

How Is the Higher Education System in Scotland?

There are 15 government-funded universities in Scotland. In addition to this, there are also three other higher education institutions that are authorized to conduct courses and award bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees.
In contrast to other nations’ educational systems, Scotland’s colleges are primarily vocational, therefore schools there only provide a brief, one- to two-year programs that award certificates and diplomas.

How Much Do Universities in Scotland Charge for Tuition?

If you intend to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Scotland, the coursework work may be entirely free for you. A bachelor’s degree can be gotten for free if you live in Scotland and are a resident of the EU.
The Student Awards Agency for Scotland is responsible for paying the tuition fees for undergraduate students in Scotland because all universities are supported by the government.

The lone exception is for foreign students coming from the United Kingdom, who must pay tuition fees, which are typically around 11,500 USD annually.
International students from other parts of the world also have to pay tuition fees in the universities they wish to study.
These fees are often more expensive than those for U.K. citizens, however, this will depend widely on the courses they plan to study.
Although everyone is required to pay tuition for postgraduate and doctorate degrees except in programs in which the government wants to improve the number of people in them.
In this instance, Scottish and EU students are given free tuition, whereas students from other countries still pay an annual tuition fee.

Is Scotland an Expensive Place to Live?

Scotland’s cost of living is a little bit higher than that of other European nations. This is particularly true given that the British Sterling Pound (GBP – £) has a greater exchange rate than the US Dollar (USD – $).

The monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment outside of a university might range from £500 to £800 ($615 to $980) depending on the neighborhood.
However, renting dorms for students can cost as little as £300 ($370).

Depending on your preferences and habits, you may spend anywhere from £120 to £200 ($140 to $245) on food. If you take public transit frequently, it might cost you about £55 ($68) per month.

What Conditions Must Be Met Before Studying in Scotland?

You can apply to Scottish universities through the Universities & Colleges Admissions Center UCAS, just like you can for the majority of UK universities.
You must complete a form there, then you can choose from four to five-degree alternatives.
The next step is to upload the necessary documents, with a high school diploma being one of the most important ones.

Are English Studies Available at Scottish Universities?

Yes, English is the language of instruction at Scottish universities. For instance, Abertay University asks overseas students to submit an IELTS minimum score of 6.0 or a 7.0 band for specific courses in order to achieve their minimal English proficiency requirement.

Edinburgh Napier University has the same IELTS minimum requirement of 6.0, but it also accepts other proficiency exams such as TOEFL-iBT, PTE, and Cambridge Exam.

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The 7 Affordable Universities in Scotland for International Students

Glasgow Caledonian University

  • Fees for undergraduate studies start from GBP £13,000 ($17,400) Each Year
  • Graduate Tuition Fees: From GBP £14,000 ($18,700) Each Year

Glasgow Caledonian University is a public institution that has its headquarters in Glasgow, Scotland. It is also known as GCU, Caley, or Caledonian.
In 1993, this institution opened its doors to students for the first time after the Queen’s College in Glasgow and the Glasgow Polytechnic were merged to form it.
One of the least expensive universities in Scotland for foreign students is Glasgow Caledonian University, with annual tuition starting at about £13,000 ($17,000).

GCU is split up into three schools. Applied Sciences, Engineering, and Information Technology programs are managed by the School for Computing.

Another is the Departments of Law, Business Management, and Social Science, which are overseen by the School of Business & Society.

Health and Life Sciences, the final school of GCU, offers courses in nursing, psychology, and life sciences.
With over 13,000 students enrolled and approximately 20% of international students, GCU is one of Scotland’s leading institutions.

Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh

  • Fees for undergraduate studies start from GBP £7,000 ($9,350) Each Year
  • Graduate Tuition Fees: From GBP £15,000 ($20,000) Each Year

Scotland’s Musselburgh is home to Queen Margaret University. The Edinburgh School of Cookery and Domestic Economy was established in 1875 and finally changed its name to St. Margaret, after King Malcolm III’s wife.

This affordable university in Scotland comprises 2 departments, one of which being the School of Arts & Sciences, and is currently home to more than 9,000 local and international students.
The Schools of the Social Sciences, Media & Communications, Enterprise & Management, Business, and Drama & Creative Industries merged to form it in the year 2010.

The institution also contains a School of the Health Sciences, which provides courses in radiotherapy, psychotherapy, occupational therapy, nursing, speech/language therapy, biology, occupational therapy, and physiotherapy.

Edinburgh Napier University

  • Fees for undergraduate studies start from GBP £14,000 ($17,400) Each Year
  • Graduate Tuition Fees: From GBP £16,000 ($21,400) Each Year

The Edinburgh Napier University, one of Scotland’s most affordable institutions for foreign students, has its roots in the Napier Technical College, which was founded in 1964.
It was given university status in 1992 and was given the name John Napier in honor of the renowned mathematician and philosopher.

The public university has branches at Sighthill, Craiglockhart, and Merchiston with campuses for its six schools of Applied Sciences, Arts & Creative Industries, Computing, Business, Health & Social Care, and Engineering & the Built Environment.

One of the top institutions in Scotland, Edinburgh Napier University is also recognized as one of the Best Young Universities in the World.
The university now enrolls 10,300+ students, over 20% of whom are international, representing more than 140 nations. It is well known for its European teaching programs.

Abertay University

  • Fees for undergraduate studies start from GBP £14,000 ($18,700) Each Year
  • Graduate Tuition Fees: From GBP £15,000 ($20,000) Each Year

One of the two public universities in the Dundee region is Abertay University, formerly known as the University of Abertay Dundee.
Its beginnings can be traced back to 1888 when Sir David Baxter helped to support the establishment of the Dundee Institute of Technology.

The university, which enrolls around 7,000 local and international students, is renowned for introducing novel programs.
This college, among others, introduced the first Computer Game degree in 1997 and the Ethical Hacking course in 2006.

In addition to these programs, Abertay University also confers degrees in the areas of Business, Law & Social Sciences, Applied Sciences, and Design & Informatics.
This college offers a dedicated Graduate School for its Master’s and Ph.D. programs in addition to all of its undergraduate programs.

Robert Gordon University

  • Fees for undergraduate studies start from GBP £4,000 ($5,350) Each Year
  • Graduate Tuition Fees: From GBP £15,000 ($20,000) Each Year

Robert Gordon University (RGU) is located in Aberdeen, Scotland. The institution was established in the 18th century by the businessman and philanthropist Robert Gordon.

The School of Business, Applied Social Studies, Engineering, Computing Science & Digital Media, Art, Creative & Cultural Business, Health Science, Law, Nursing & Midwifery, Architecture, Environment, and Pharmacy & Life Science are among the 11 departments that make up the RGU campus.

More than 9,500 students attend this affordable institution in Scotland, and roughly 25% of them are from other countries and ethnic backgrounds.

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University of Strathclyde

  • Fees for undergraduate studies start from GBP £15,000 ($20,000) Each Year
  • Graduate Tuition Fees: From GBP £12,000 ($16,000) Each Year

The second-oldest institution in the area, the University of Strathclyde is situated in Glasgow, Scotland. It was established in 1796 as the Andersonian Institute.
It is also the third-largest university in Scotland, with almost 20,000 students, 30% of whom are from outside the country.

The University of Strathclyde is currently recognized as the UK’s first technological university.
Four esteemed faculties are housed at the institution, which is located on the John Anderson Campus.
One is the Faculty of Engineering, which oversees courses in engineering and architecture.

The Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences is another one; it provides courses in social work, government, law, psychology, and the humanities.
Additionally, there is the Strathclyde Business School, which enrolls students specializing in management, entrepreneurship, economics, and accounting.

The Faculty of Science, which is in charge of the programs in Chemistry, Computer Science, Math, Physics, and Pharmacy, is last but certainly not least.
Many students have a wide range of options for the courses they take and the times they study them because of these various departments.

Stirling University

  • Fees for undergraduate studies start from GBP £16,000 ($21,400). Each Year
  • Graduate School Fees: Starting at GBP £20,000 ($27,000) annually

Located in the Central Belt of Scotland, the University of Stirling opened its doors to students in 1967. It is one of the more affordable Scottish universities for foreign students.
Its position, within the Airthrey Castle estate, is appropriate given that it has a royal charter. In fact, because of this, the university is known for having one of the most stunning campuses in the entire world.

The university is currently divided into a number of departments. The four colleges of social sciences, arts & humanities, natural science, and health sciences & sport.
Along with the Stirling Graduate School, there is also the Stirling Management School.

The university, which is ranked as one of the best young institutions in the world, is also one of the top universities in the UK.
At the moment, it has over 9,500 students, of whom 24% are new international students.

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