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20 Great Online Business Degree in Florida 2022

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20 Great Online Business Degree in Florida 2022

20 Great Online Business Degree in Florida 2022

Pursuing a Business Degree Online in Florida may be one of the best career choices you will ever make. This is because, in many Schools, Colleges, and universities, across the state, Florida has many great, accredited, and professional online business degree programs

There are so many Business Degree you can acquire online in Florida, a handful of students have little to no understanding of the business degree programs Florida has to offer, others want to attend the physical campus to be certain of the degree they want to acquire

The fact is that you can stay in the comfort of your home and acquire your preferred business degree online. Not only are these business degrees accredited, but they are also preparing you in your career prospects in Accounting and technology, Insurance, Banking, Business Administration, and others

Master’s in Accountancy, M.Acc.

You can earn a Master’s in Accountancy (M.Acc) online from schools in Florida, this certificate program can prepare you for a greater career in accountancy, Taxation, and Audit practice.

Accounting, B.S.B.A.

B.S.B.A. in Accounting  prepares you to be a professional businessman or woman, it equipped you with the accounting skills needed to scale through in the field, with this certificate program, you can comfortably sit for the CPA exam and come out with flying colors

Acquisition and Contract Administration Certificate

This is a graduate degree program that prepares students for roles in the public sector, it emphasizes more public contracting both at the federal, state, and local levels

Accountability and transparency in public sector procurement will be more rewarding if you have Acquisition and Contract Administration Certificate from Florida online schools

Human Resources Management Online Certificate

This online certificate program helps students to examine the bases of pay, including incentives and pay-for-performance systems. Also, students get to understand the relationship between human resource management and organizational strategy

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>20 Great Online Business Degree in Florida 2022

Human Resources Management Online Certificate

As an online student, the Human Resources Management Online Certificate helps you add value to organizations as a human resources leader

It is a Fully online, AACSB-accredited curriculum and you acquire Graduate Certificate

Information Security Management Online Graduate Certificate

This online certificate program helps you Identify potential information security threats and design mitigation plans, you will also be thought how to safely and efficiently protect an organization’s data

Online Accountancy Certificate

The Online Accountancy Certificate program prepares you for the CPA exam, it is the Graduate Certificate program that equips you with the basic knowledge needed for the CPA exam

Social Media for Public Relations & Advertising Graduate Certificate

This certificate program builds leadership skills necessary for organizational branding, strategic planning, and effective social media communication

It prepares for in-demand positions in social media management, public relations, internal and integrated communication, and brand representation

Supply Chain Logistics Management Online Certificate

Supply Chain is a certificate program that applies knowledge of supply chain logistics management concepts to solve business management problems

Utilize analytics to assist in identifying critical logistics issues and opportunities, and in creating and executing supply chain logistics strategies

Business Analytics Certificate

Business Analytics Certificate is a Certificate program that equipped students with the most needed skills in data mining, you get to understand how to analyze and interpret raw accounting and management data for users  

This program helps to be effective in decision making, suggestions, and recommendation

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Certificate

The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Certificate is a graduate certificate program, that instills a multidisciplinary approach to entrepreneurship and innovation when you study a multidisciplinary approach as an online business degree program, you will be ideas on how to flaunt your business with a high success rate

This program is an AACSB-accredited curriculum, so you are sure and confident of the degree

Entrepreneurship Online Certificate

The Entrepreneurship Online Certificate is a bachelor’s program that teaches business students the economic realities of the 21st century.

Entrepreneurship Online Certificate practically illustrates how students can unveil economic and business opportunities and potentials, giving solutions to problems in the business world 

General Business, B.S.B.A.

This is a multifaceted professional program that prepares one for a greater careers prospect, you can be well fitted in information systems, marketing, management, and finance

Graduate Business Foundations Certificate

The Graduate Business Foundations Certificate prepares one to demonstrate knowledge of the principles of e-Business systems planning, development, and implementation

It is exhibit and applies concepts and principles of management and marketing

Human Performance Improvement Certificate

The Human Performance Improvement Online Certificate gives students the opportunity to examine organizational performance from a solution-neutral position, it helps students to analyze and identify the root causes of gaps in organizational performance


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