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10 Online Master’s Degree programs in Healthcare Administration

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10 Online Master’s Degree programs in Healthcare Administration

The consistent outbreak of diseases and disease mutation has drawn so much attention: The consistent outbreak of diseases and disease mutation has drawn so much attention to the health sector. It is estimated that 90% of diseases today are caused by micro-organisms, while others arise as a result of organ failure which is triggered by the same micro-organisms.

Healthcare centers in collaboration with non-governmental health organizations have continued to bring forth innovative ideas and positive solutions toward reducing the spread of these diseases worldwide.

Nevertheless, there are many Online Master’s Degree programs in Healthcare administration that open doors towards achieving your true career opportunities.  Some of these programs put you at the forefront of jobs immediately after graduation due to the demand for health personnel in numerous hospitals and health care facilities.  

Records showed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Medical and health service management estimate consistent career opportunities and growth by 20% in the Next 8-9 years.

It is interesting to know that these online master’s degree programs in Healthcare administration are offered at a very cheap and affordable rate. They are powered by experienced tutors who are experts in the field with a wealth of knowledge.

The programs are accessible provided you have a reliable internet connection and a laptop to enable you to study from home.  It also allows you to schedule classes and study sections with tutors depending on your convenient time.  

What do you understand about Healthcare Administration?

Healthcare administration entails the overall management and operation of health facilities including its finance and budget planning.  The healthcare administrator alongside the governing board of directors draws out suggestions and deliberates upon them to facilitate the system for continuous health services.  

The administrators play a major role to ensure consistency and strive to improve the quality of treatment given to patients.  People with a Master’s degree in health administration stand a chance to perform better when given the opportunity.

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The importance and Value of Healthcare Administration

Healthcare administration is often referred to as a “hidden Career in the medical field” as it operates behind the scene to ensure consistency, availability, and accessibility to health services at all times. Some of the key benefits to play as a health administrator include:

  • Strategic Planning and marketing
  • Financial and human resource management
  • Data Collection and analysis to review the progress of the organizations
  • Providing necessary medical aid to help save lives.
  • Charge with the responsibility of employing skilled personnel for effective treatment.

Some of these Online Master’s Degree programs in Healthcare Administration are offered by the following universities.  

University of Scranton

The University of Scranton is one of the world’s leading catholic universities in Pennsylvania, known for its Online Master’s Degree programs in Healthcare Administration. It was established by the first bishop of Scranton William O’Hara in the year 1888 as a college for advanced training and later developed into a University in 1938.

The institution today has over 3,800 undergraduate and postgraduate students which are both international and resident citizens. They have an organized and well-structured curriculum as a teaching guide to enable tutors to cover their syllabus effectively.

Tuition: $11,580 per Annum

University of Central Florida

The University of Central Florida is one of the top Online Master’s Degree programs in Healthcare Administration with a focus on patient care and treatment. It is an accredited institute of health globally recognized for effective treatment and healthcare services.

Large numbers of students are admitted yearly to study various health-related programs to enable them to stand out in their profession, following the demand for health personnel in society.

Tuition: $6,916 per year for residents and $25,759 for international students.  

Quinnipiac University

Quinnipiac University is stand-out among other institutes of health with a focal point on preventive measures to suppress the spread of diseases. It is a private educational institution established in the year 1929 and is located in Hamden.

The university has received so many awards and support from the US government and other non-governmental organizations which have kept them at the forefront of academic activities in the world.

Estimated Tuition: $18,180 per Annum

University of Colorado

The University of Colorado hosts in-depth online studies for students with keen attention to health-related courses as it has to do with saving lives.  It provides a stress-free environment to enable learning and academics to take a different phase to boost the educational sector.

Scholarships are awarded to deserving students based on outstanding academic performance to encourage others to put in their best. The university engages in competitive programs to test the student’s ability and how he or she can add value to society in real-life situations.

It is one of the universities that provide online Master’s Degree programs in Healthcare Administration, that focus on what the student is capable of offering rather than bookish education. Records have shown great contributions by students to healthcare treatment. 

Tuition: $6,714 per annum for residents and $22,374 students out-of-state

University of Michigan

The University of Michigan often referred to as “the site of hidden knowledge”, is known for outstanding excellence in research work and project management. It aims at becoming the number one health institute in the world.

It has gained world recognition by offering numerous undergraduate and postgraduate health courses online for students from the comfort of their homes.

Most of the practical fieldwork is scheduled within the school premises guided by research experts, alongside healthcare professionals to facilitate better project works.

Estimated Tuition fee: $11,712 per year for resident students and $20,344 for out-of-state.

The University of Massachusetts

This is one of the accredited institutions that provide an online Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration that strives to build competency and confidence in handling healthcare issues. The University of Massachusetts portrays the quality of a true research institute with world-class infrastructures and facilities for effective healthcare management.

The university offers programs that allow you to earn a degree from the comfort of home within 2years of study.    

In-State Tuition fee: $13,210 per year.

Out-of-state Tuition fee: $27,834 per year. 

Pennsylvania State University

This is a renowned Penn State University offering online master’s degree programs in healthcare Administration providing you have an undergraduate degree in any health-related course. Testimonies from students and records show excellent healthcare research work.

The institution engages in group project management techniques to encourage students to work together to share ideas. This single act trains them to work smoothly with different kinds of people they come across.

Estimated Tuition: $20,470 per annum

University of Alabama

The university offers complete online degrees all over the world depending on your schedule.  It also demands hard work to earn a certificate by available a network connection and computer for your studies.

It is one of the leading institutes offering healthcare education world in partnership with non-governmental organizations to train competent healthcare administrators capable of handling health organizations. 

However, applicants are required to have 4-5years of experience to pave way for them to attain a professional level.  

The tuition fee for In-state is $7,866

Tuition fee for Out-of-State $17,910

Weber State University

The university is one of the world’s leading health institutes accredited by the western stake Commission College and university (WSCU). It was established in the year 1889 as a pioneering academy in weber state to provide basic knowledge and understanding for college students.  

Today, the university pride itself among the top institute in providing online Master’s Degree programs in Healthcare Administration for advanced studies.

It is very cheap and affordable for both resident and international students across the globe. The university has game much recognition and publicity winning several academic awards of excellence.   

Average Tuition fee

$7,942 per annum for in-state

$16,723 per annum out-of-state.

University of Missouri

The University of Missouri bears the flag of online healthcare studies not only in Columbia but the world. It has graduated many prominent and high recognized health personnel with a wealth of experience. it also offers internship programs and training for students to equip themselves for better career opportunities.

The entire field and practical work are done in the department of health management/informatics and the school of medicine as it has the necessary facilities needed.    

Fully Scholarships opportunities are given to students by non-profit health organizations to encourage learning and personal career development among youth.

Average Student Tuition

$8,640/year in-state 

$23,659/year out-of-state

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